If the metric that is being defined is not a table metric, the value in this column is a single space; For example, the Column Name would be the key column if this table describing the MGMT$TARGET_TYPE view was being defined as a table metric. The MGMT$OH_CLONE_PROPERTIES view contains information about clone properties of an Oracle home. |

The target type for which the association is valid. The MGMT$OH_INV_SUMMARY view contains summary of Oracle products and corresponding target types. It is the target GUID of a policy violation. Metadata versions may be updated when applying patches or upon new releases of Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Oracle Views, Sequences & Synonyms objective type questions with answers and explanation (MCQs) for interview and placement tests. There is an implicit assumption that customers will not use this view to identify the targets that are owned by a Management Agent or the targets that reside on a specific host. OUI Oracle home globally unique identifier. This section provides a description of each Oracle home directory patching view. This applies to non-global associations only. Find the members for an aggregate target. A DECODE of the internal numeric type of the metric that is being defined. The target name typically contains the name of the managed entity that was provided by the system or database administrator. Name of the target where the metric was collected. Versioned patch name (should be same as the component name, on which the versioned patch is applied), Base component version, on which the versioned patch is applied, Name of the patchset this versioned patch is part of, Version of the patchset this versioned patch is part of, A brief description of the versioned patch, Languages supported by this versioned patch, Minimum OUI version required to remove this versioned patch. The target type defines the set of metrics that are collected for a managed target within the Management Repository. Values in this column must uniquely identify rows in the table. Target name of the target to which the association is being defined. Up to five qualifiers can be used to distinguish different metric definitions based on different system configurations. The MGMT$TARGET_TYPE_DEF view displays definition information for a target type.

忘れない内にメモメモ。 [テーブル定義] /* テーブル定義情報を取得 */ SELECT SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV', 'DB_NAME') AS db_name ,USER AS schema_name ,tbls.TABLE_NAME AS table_name ,comments.TABLE_TYPE AS table_type ,comments.COMMENTS AS table_comment FROM USER_TABLES tbls LEFT OUTER JOIN USER_TAB_COMMENTS comments ON tbls.TABLE_NAME = …

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